Fixtures 2019

Sandy Town Bowling Club – Fixtures

Fixtures for the 2019 Season

DateOpponentsMatchVenueTimeFormat Dress
Sat 4thWhitethornFHome2.30pm4 Mix TripWhites
Wed 8 thLinsladeBCLHome6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Sat 11 thFairfieldFHome2.30pm4/5 Mix TripWhites
Sat 11 thBigglewadeFAway2.30pm2/3 TripWhites
Thurs 16 thNorth HertsFAway2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Sat 18 thKempston HammersFAway2.30pm2/3 TripWhites
Wed 22 ndBedford BoroughBCLAway6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Sat 25 thGt GransdenFAway2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Thurs 30 thStotfoldFAway2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Sat 1 stSt AndrewsFAway2.30pm4/5 Mix TripWhites
Wed 5 thFlitwickBCLHome6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thurs 6 thGt BarfordFAway6.15pm4 Mix TripGreys
Sat 8thStotfoldFAway2.30pm2/3 TriplesWhite
Wed 12 thPottonHarmsH & A6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thurs 13 thRussell ParkFAway2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Sat 15 thHenlow ParkFAway2.30pmMen 4 RinksWhites
Sat 15 thSheffordFAway2.30pm2/3 TripWhites
Thurs 20 thBaldockFAway2.30pm4/5 Mix TripGreys
Sun 23 thGt BarfordTavHome2.30pm4 Mix TripWhites
Sun 23 rdLutonPellH & A1st January 19704 PairsGreys
Thu 27 thNorth HertsFHome2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Sat 29 thBaldockFHome2.30pm4/5 Mix TripWhites
Wed 3 rdBedford PrioryBCLAway6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thurs 4 thLangfordFAway6.15pm2/3 TripGreys
Sat 6 thSheffordFHome2.30pm4 Mix TripWhites
Thu 11 thStotfoldFHome2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Sun14 th Dee DayClubHome2.00pmMix TriplesWhites
Wed 17 thStotfoldBCLAway6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thu 18 thFlitwickFHome2.30pm2/3 TripGreys
Sun 21 stKempston HammersFHome2.30pm4 Mix TripWhites
Wed 24 thDunstable TownBCLHome6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thu 25 thSandy ConFHome6.15pm2/3 TripGreys
Sat 27 thHenlowFHome2.30pm2/3 TripWhites
Wed 31 stBeech HillBCLAway6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thurs 1 stBaldockFHome2.30pm4/5 Mix TripGreys
Sun 4 thGamlingayFHome2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Wed 7 thNorth HertsFHome2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Thu 8 thBedford PrioryFHome2.30pm2/3 TripWhites
Sun 11 thMixed Triples DayClubHome2.00pmMix TripWhites
Sat 17 thPottonTavHome2.30pm6 Mix TripWhites
Thu 29 thWhitethornFAway2.30pm4Mix TripGreys
Sat 31 stGt GransdenFHome2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Sun 1 stLadies Two woodsClubHome2.00pm2 wood TripWhites
Thurs 5 thBiggleswade TownFHome2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Sat 7 thFlitwickFhome2.30pm5 Mix TripWhites
Sun 8 thFinals DayClubHome1st January 1970Whites
Wed 11 thPottonFAway2.30pm6 Mix TripGreys
Sat 14 thStotfoldFAway2.30pm4/5 Mix TripWhite
Thurs 19 thBiggleswade TownFAway2.30pm4 Mix TripGreys
Sat 21 stSandy ConTavHome2.30pm4 Mix TripWhites
Tav. Cup = The Brian Taverner Cup
Black text = Mixed Fixtures
Black Text = Men’s Fixtures
Red Text = Ladies Fixtures
Italics = Club Events


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