Fixtures 2018

Sandy Town Bowling Club – Fixtures Season 2018

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Sandy Town Bowling Club Fixtures 2018
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Mixed Fixtures - Brian Taverner Cup
DateOpponentsMatchVenueTimeRinks Dress
Sat 5th WhitethornFAway2.30pm4 Mix TriplesWhites
Weds 9th FlitwickBCLAway6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Sat 12th FairfieldFAway2.30pm4 Mixed TriplesWhites
Sat 12thBiggleswadeFHome2.30pm3 TriplesWhites
Weds 16thBedford PrioryBCLHome6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thurs 17th North HertsFHome2.30pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Weds 23rdBeech HillBCLAway6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Sat 26th Great GransdenFAway2.30pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Thurs 31stStotfoldFHome2.30pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Sat 2nd St. AndrewsFHome2.30pm4/5 Mix TriplesWhites
Thurs 7th Great BarfordFHome6.15pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Sat 9th StotfoldFHome2.30pm2/3 TriplesWhites
Weds 13th SharnbrookHarmsworth CupH & A6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thurs 14th Russell ParkFHome2.30pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Sat 16th Henlow ParkFHome2.30pmMen 4 RinksWhites
Sat 16thSheffordFHome2.30pm2 TriplesWhites
Thurs 21stBaldockFHome2.30pm4/5 Mix TriplesGreys
Sun 24th Great BarfordTav. CupAway2.30pm4 Mix TriplesWhites
Sun 24thBarton Le ClayPell ShieldH & A10.00am4 RinksGreys
Sat 30thBaldockFAway2.30pm4/5 Mix TriplesWhites
Weds 4thFlitwickBCLHome6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thurs 5th LangfordFHome6.15pm2/3 TriplesGreys
Sat 7thSheffordFAway3.00pm4 Mixed TriplesWhites
Weds 11thBedford PrioryBCLAway6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thurs   12thStotfoldFAway2.30pm4 Mixed TriplesGreys
Sun 15th Dee DayHome2.00pmMixed TriplesWhites
Weds 18th Beech HillBCLHome6.15pm4 RinksGreys
Thurs 19thFlitwickFAway2.30pm2/3 TriplesGreys
Sun 22ndKempston HammersFAway2.30pm4 Mix Triples Whites
Thurs 26thSandy ConservativesFAway6.15pm2/3 TriplesGreys
Sat 28th HenlowFAway2.30pm2/3 TriplesWhites
Sun 29thMix Triples TournamentClubHomeWhites
Thurs 2ndBaldockFAway2.30pm4/5 Mix TriplesGreys
Sun 5thGamlingayFAway2.30pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Weds 8thNorth HertsFAway2.30pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Thurs 9thBedford PrioryFAway2.30pm2/3 TriplesWhites
Sat 11th AmpthillFHome2.30pm2 RinksWhites
Thurs 16thBedford BoroughFAway6.15pm3 TriplesGreys
Sat 18th PottonTav.Cup Away2.30pm6 Mix TriplesWhites
Sat 25thKempston HammersFHome2.30pm3 TriplesWhites
Sat 1stGt. GransdenFHome2.30pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Sun 2ndLadies 2 Wood Comp.ClubHome2.00pm2 Wood SinglesWhites
Thurs 6th Biggleswade TownFHome2.30pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Sat 8thFlitwickFAway2.30pm5 Mix TriplesWhites
Wed 12th PottonFHome2.30pm6 Mix TriplesGreys
Sat 15thStotfoldFHome2.30pm4/5 Mix TriplesWhites
Sun 16thClub FinalsHomeWhites
Thurs 20thBiggleswade TownFAway2.30pm4 Mix TriplesGreys
Sat 22ndSandy Conservatives Tav. Cup Away2.30pm 4 Mix TriplesWhites
Presentation Night Saturday 17th November 20187.30pm
AGM Sunday 25th November 20183.00pm
Both events at Sandy Village Hall, off Engayne Avenue SG19 1BN